Fr. Wolfgang Schlumpf, OSB, with 1892 monastic communityWe are a community of forty Benedictine monks in the Catholic Church serving God by prayer and work in the tradition of the Swiss-American Congregation. Our Abbey is located in Subiaco, Arkansas. In fidelity to that Benedictine tradition we proclaim the gospel through monastic and private prayer, hospitality, retreats and spiritual direction, education, parish, diocesan and special ministries.

When you look at the Catholic Church, the statistics are pretty daunting. There are 1.1147 billion Catholics in the world. In the United States we Catholics represent the single largest Christian denomination at 68 million adherents. There are 272,431 diocesan priests in the world, 35,942 deacons, 54,956 men religious, and 750,000 women religious. We Benedictine monks number just under 7,400 in the world, of which 4,036 are monk priests, around 2,919 are monk brothers, and the remaining are novices and claustral oblates. While we are not large, we have a vital and important role to play in the life of the Church. There are forty of us monks at Subiaco, and we are 33rd in size among the 253 independent monasteries of men. Like the early Apostles who lived and prayed together whilst sharing everything in common, we continue to follow that example found in the Acts of the Apostles, chapters two and four.

Here are the monks of our abbey in order of seniority.  We do not have the email addresses or phone numbers of each monk listed, since nasty spambots copy them even when we encode them. So, if you would like to speak with a monk, contact the abbey via phone [479-934-1000] and the monk can give you their own email address or phone number. Use your mouse to drag the images and rotate through the tilt screen viewer. If you want to see a monk up close, then just use your mouse to click on the monk’s pic and it will enlarge.

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