Health CenterMrs. Rose Schneider, R.N. supervises the staff of full and part-time certified nurse’s aides, providing round the clock assistance for the various needs of the sick. We also have two of our monks who are trained in medical care and have been assigned by the Abbot to serve in the Health Center. With a high ratio of staff to residents and overlapping shifts, physical and special needs of the monks can be readily met.Monthly ongoing nursing skill training for staff and periodic workshops with North Logan County Health Unit keep the staff updated on the successful treatment plans and advances in geriatric wellness programs. Monks who are not full-time residents in the Health Center use some of the multiple services the Health Center offers–making doctor’s appointments and driving to these appointments as needed, ordering prescription medicines, providing first aid, assisting with daily bathing and whirlpool treatments. In all these and many other services, the injunction of St. Benedict to “Serve the sick as if serving Christ” is carried out.

The design of the Health Center not only provides private rooms with baths for the resident monks, but areas for common use and social interaction. In one common room, monks pray the rosary twice daily for the intentions recommended to them and for the Abbey’s friends and benefactors. At other times, this area serves as a reading room where one can enjoy a cup of coffee or juice while reading the newspapers. This area includes television and DVD so the monks can view videos or programs of interest. For those monks who are unable to eat in the abbey dining room with the monastic community, meals are served in the Health Center.

Visitors and alumni are invited to tour the Health Center when at the Abbey.