Our Newest OblatesAbbot Jerome has shared several times how our founder, Fr. Wolfgang Schlumpf, sought to establish a Benedictine monastery that in hindsight was powerfully providential and somewhat unique.  Our Abbot mentioned in his Benefactor’s Day homily that:

This was a kind of keynote for the founding of Subiaco from the beginning, not looking inward but looking outward, not establishing a monastery for its own sake as a sort of safe haven for monks, but as a place from which God’s love would be made available for the needs of the local Church and community and the wider world.  Fr. Wolfgang saw it as an undertaking of the monks and lay people working together. 

In essence, our very founding began with an appreciation and understanding that what would become Subiaco Abbey was not just about the monks, but “the monks and lay people working together.”  The men and women who especially partner with us in our mission are the Oblates of our Abbey.  To learn more about the tradition of the Oblates, along with some excellent background reading material, you may click HERE.