When people hear the name “Subiaco,” they often think of the city in Italy. That is where we got our name since the monks of old chose the title “New Subiaco” when they first petitioned to become an Abbey.  We were originally known as St. Benedict Priory. As for Subiaco, you can often tell who is local, and who is from “afar”, based upon how one pronounces the name.  The difference today is in the pronunciation.  The “a” in the word is pronounced like the “a” in apple…NOT like the “o” in operate. Also, the emphasis/accent in on that “A” syllable. Hence, we say it as:

Soo–bee––kṑ (long “o” here)

So, look at the map above for where we are located.  Use the magnify/minimize and map/satellite button to get a better picture in relationship to our state and country.  Feel free to stop by for a spell and chat with us. We’d love to show you some of our Southern and Benedictine hospitality.