Retreats are available for individuals or groups for a day, several days, week, or weekend.

Private Retreats are for individuals or small groups who want a quiet time of prayer, reflection, meditation, or reading. There are no scheduled conferences but a priest can be available for the Sacrament of Reconciliation upon request.

Private Directed Retreats, which an individual or small group meets with a retreat director, can be arranged. The number of conferences are agreed upon by the retreatant(s) and the director. The remaining time is spent in private reflection, reading, or prayer.

Directed Group Retreat is a retreat in which a group makes a retreat under the direction of a retreat director. Usually set for three days, these retreats generally begin with the Friday evening meal and end with the Sunday noon meal or begin Tuesday evening and end with noon meal on Thursday. Longer group retreats can be arranged. We will be glad to work with you for a time period that best suits your particular needs.

Meetings: Coury House is pleased to offer its facilities to church groups or other organizations for retreats or meetings. These groups will provide their own retreat director or speaker. Such retreats can be arranged for virtually any group: families, parishes, religious, priests, deacons, special interest, and youth groups. Groups of all denominations have visited Coury House.