Welcome to the Vocation Section for Subiaco Abbey!

Fr. Elijah Br. FrancisPerhaps you are wondering and praying about your vocation. That’s a good sign–a vocation is a gift from God that comes wrapped with the instruction “handle with prayer.” You may be wondering, “What is a monk, anyway?” or, “Who can become a monk, and how?” or, “What do monks do?” Most of these questions can be initially answered by browsing through our web site. Ultimately, though, monasticism has to be experienced in person. Here are a few steps to consider:

1-Stop for a moment and say a little prayer with us:  ”Lord, let me know clearly the life to which You are calling me. Grant me every grace I need to answer your call with courage, love and lasting dedication to Your will.  Amen.”

2-Browse through our own abbey site, but also look at sites from other Benedictine abbeys. This will give you a taste of how Benedictines are not so much one order like the Jesuits or Dominicans or Franciscans, but really a collection of abbeys who hold to some common Benedictine traditions but are still quite independent and unique.

3-Contact one of us to just say “Hi” and let us know that you are trying to explore where God is calling you. Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. Since we have talked with hundreds of men over the course of our life about vocations, we might be able to give you a sense if monasticism is really the right fit for you. Likewise, we very often can give men a better recommendation to other religious communities they might want to consider. Always remember that there is no hard-sell or pressure tactics from us!  When you join a monastic community you are joining a family, so we only care for one thing: Is God calling you here? In that sense, we practice the principle of “monastic indifference” in that we want only what God wants. Otherwise, forcing a man to join us benefits neither him nor our community!  So, give us call or shoot us an email!

4-Arrange a time to visit with us for a few days. As all our monks will tell you, it is that first visit to our abbey that will give you the clearest sense of whether God is calling you to this way of life. There is no cost involved other than your own transportation to get here. You can find more information on arranging a visit by looking at the menu item to the left.

So, take care and all our best to you as you continue this journey of trying to hear if God might be calling you to this monastic way of life. We would be honored to join and assist you on your discernment journey.

In Christ,

Br. Francis
Fr. Elijah